Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches- 6 pack

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Our signature Vanilla Bean coconut milk ice cream sandwiched between 2 house made gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

It's a jumbo-sized treat with nostalgia in every bite.

Order contains 6 jumbo cookie sandwiches.


Contains: soy lecithin

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1 Review

Jess 28th Jun 2018

Good for First Try

I love the combination of vanilla FoMu ice cream with gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They are delicious! For me the cookie part was a bit too sweet. The cookie gets really soft - almost softer than the FoMu ice cream - perhaps the type or quantity of sugar could be adjusted? I really like a substantial (like oats) cookie or a crunchy hard cookie for ice cream sandwiches as I like the distinction between layers. That said, my way usually results in ice cream oozing out the sides as I bite, so I do understand why you might want the FoMu cookies to remain softer. ;) Maybe try different combos--a nice gluten-free oatmeal cookie could be great too! The sizes of each cookie sandwich also varied greatly so just beware of that if you are getting one per person--in case size matters to some of your crowd! (plus at $8 per sandwich, uniformity is appealing) I would like to see a variety pack of the cookie sandwiches (as show in pic)--maybe I missed that? Overall really excellent!

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