[FoMu] Thirst Quenchers

Here at FoMu, the big star is of course our ever-changing menu of premium, specialty ice creams. We have a growing list of products to offer, and spend a lot of time trying to keep you up to date with the activity at our creamery. But we have a ton of in store crafted beverage offerings too!

If you aren’t already aware, we strive to offer many unique and delicious fruit and ice cream smoothies, which you can find on our smoothie board. If you’re looking for that certain combination that suits you just right you can always make a custom order. We look forward to what you can come up with!

In our search to find a like-minded and quality provider for coffees and teas, we came across locally loved and recognized George Howell Coffee and Watertown-based Mem Tea Co. Whether brewing fresh coffee or making the perfect carafe of iced Chai Tea, the ingredients within our products provides our loyal customers with the same great experience you’ve come to expect from our frozen treats and baked goods.